People. Without them your studio lays dormant, sleeping, waiting for the next breath of fresh air. Employee experience is as key to a brands success as product, design and capability. Over the coming months the Culture InDesign Series will uncover the importance of a brands culture and how that differs from Studio to Studio. James Peachey from ownworld kicks off the Series by answering the following questions:

What does Culture really mean to you at ownworld?

To us culture is really all about the team, our belief systems and how we can combine the drive and passion we have for what we do with a natural openness and honesty. It?s about collaboration, and together finding better ways to work to create better results for our clients. At the end of the day we spend far more time with those in our working environment than perhaps our partners and with this in mind we need to be nimble in the culture we create. The support and structure provided at ownworld encourages our team to be openly creative in their approach as they want to be. This is key to our work culture, it?s laced with respect and gives people the canvas to create their own journey and weave that into our Brand.

Culture is almost intangible but you?ve got to get it right. We feel it is what makes us different, it?s when your attention to detail, care factor, drive and motivation are equally shared. Plus you need a sense of humor, create a positive vibe.

Why do you think people are drawn to work at ownworld.

We have a great product offering and are driven by our love of design. This gives us a shared sense of pride, drive and ambition. Being relative newbies and quite lean, we feel we are also adaptable, similar as many startups. We operate as a design team where we reflect the needs of our clients and collaborate to find appropriate solutions. The showroom provides us flexibility to showcase options for client projects in a neutral environment, one we can change as we need. Designers appreciate that and we have a lot of fun doing this. ownworld gives our birthdays as days off and support to learn and travel which is fun. Harping back to what I?ve already mentioned, we support people to be brave and curious, to have fun and to engage, and finally for effort there is reward which is important. That?s our attraction.

What do you think the future looks like.

Our success is built on relationships, on people. We work with many talented people ongoing, and foster great relationships. This is important. The future is bright, we care about our team and the people who keep us alive. We connect with our design clients by engaging people who are like minded and capable of supporting their efforts with meaningful solutions. It?s 100% about people, our connection. The employee experience will dictate the cultural narrative so it is important for us to continue to grow, to develop in tune with what?s going on around us. Listening to what people require, empathy and understanding all matter. Each generation has new perspectives and keeping abreast of new ideas and ways of doing things is essential to remaining relevant in our industry.

I believe giving people support to be the best version of themselves helps create a positive work culture and an exciting future.


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By Sue Davies


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