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KEZU – Flexibility, Empowerment, Connection

In 1992 Kezu was founded, a beautiful product in a wonderful industry based around passion and design. When meeting with Mark and Caron it is obvious that these values are still the foundation of the showroom but what seems intrinsically more obvious is the values of the culture they have created and continue to do so. Flexibility, Empowerment and Connection.

Key to the culture of the Zu is a true understanding of the needs of each individual and what it means to be part of the team, on both sides. This understanding gives the foundations of the culture upon which they build. The foundation supports each individual and their needs both at work but as importantly out of work and within their family unit. Having a voice at the table is a key part of the culture they create at the Zu. Having space to be heard is critical, the ‘work table’ is almost a group therapy session that really gets to the bottom of the needs of their people.

It is the understanding of those needs that I think makes the Zu. Often anxiety comes from not knowing, guessing. Critical to the Zu culture is spelling out what the expectations of the business and the team are. Allowing people time, empathising with their needs and supporting that time to settle in.

Freedom is also key at the Zu, giving people the empowerment to do their job, not stand in judgement. Having a grown up environment at work is essential to the growth of each individual and it seems such an obvious part of the Kezu offering. Education is also such an important part of the growth of the business, education of the people at the Zu as much as the clients and designers alike. Knowledge is Power and it is the education of the teams that gives this knowledge.

So I feel that Kezu really fosters community both internally and externally within the design industry. Empowerment and connection are key to the development of their surroundings whilst giving flexibility to an individual to grow into their own strength. Culture is a key component to the success of The Zu and the business and the connection between individuals and their own destiny is obvious. This feels like “An establishment that maintains a collection… of great Humans”

By Sue Davies

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