“COX is a design-focused contemporary architectural practice with studios located in every major Australian city and a history spanning 60 years.

COX works within a collegiate framework allowing the best ideas to emerge – we are ‘by the many, for the many.’”

This sentiment runs through each of COX’s studios, working seamlessly with its focus on collaboration. This international flavour of collaboration has given the practice a wonderful lens on the future; a future that listens to the voice of others both in terms of design interpretation as well as internal communication.

This collaborative way of working is paving the way for the future of COX and its designers. Global projects have led to people now working in Amsterdam/ Rotterdam, immersing themselves in new environments to invigorate their design. For COX, design solutions are about team effort and giving every member of the studio the support needed to be the best creative mind they can be. Culturally this support promotes a world of opportunity, literally. Everyone has a seat at the table and a say in the future. Interior design, urban design, and architecture are one.

COX’s culture is one that promotes being champions of change, listening to what the needs of the people are and being flexible to work with ideas and needs. Their future committees are driven by young voices within the studios again listening to the needs of design be that in sustainability or social sustainability.

The connection with its indigenous heritage is real and apparent in the partnerships COX makes about getting young indigenous designers onboard.

COX is young in its new way of thinking and collegiate in its approach preferring to do things that engage its employees, inspire its clients and encourage great outcomes – a refreshing approach to every facet in the world of design.

By Sue Davies

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