Culture is Key


Sue Davies breaks down PMDL success in adapting to COVID-19 and how their workplace culture is key.

One practice with 3 studios operating across Australasia, PMDL have over 26 years of experience and accumulation of knowledge. That’s 26 years of developing a deep understanding their clients and end users needs and expectations, many of whom have seen them through that whole journey. Evolving and growing significantly over the years they still see their ability to adapt and remain relevant as key to their culture and future success.

PMDL has and continues to reap the benefits of allowing their team to have a voice and implementing strategies for personal growth and recognition within the Practice. The creation of project teams formed on the basis of individuals’ strengths and their alignment to client values and needs enables them PMDL to provide comprehensive and tailored responses to project briefs and opportunities for the team to really excel.

The diversity amongst their employees is a shining example of inclusion with 40% of their directors and 54% of the team across Asia Pacific being female. Parents returning from parental leave are well supported by providing opportunities to transition back into the workplace at the pace they decide. This provides an insight into how PMDL run their Practice and the respectful nature within.

Recognising young talent is another key initiative supporting the Practice’s success. Inclusivity is part of their DNA and intrinsic to their process. An attitude of united life learning and valuing each person’s opinion is essential to achieving the culture PMDL have worked hard to create.

As PMDL continually evolve to provide the best working culture and environment for their team to thrive, COVID 19 has added challenges that the Practice is seeing as a positive opportunity to develop efficient and collaborative means of working remotely. So far all studios have been very successful in adapting to the new norm which has created a levelling effect for cross studio resourcing and united the Practice like never before. PMDL are excited to see where the learnings from this current experience can inform the evolution of the Practice and culture going forward.

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