How refreshing to be part of a conversation with the lovely Angela Biddle and Divine Kate Bartlett at Scott Carver about the inclusive and very progressive culture they are growing.

There is an inherent grown up culture that exists within the members of the team in SC that is born from a general feeling of genuine respect. Their style is not one of parenting their employees more over treating everyone as a grown up. As they both agreed, ‘we have employed each person on their merit and because they have an ability and a personality that works with the studio’ this is deserved of being treated with respect.

It was quite clear throughout that whole conversation that there was a good understanding that people have lives outside of work that often enhance their abilities inside the office. Again. this was treated with the utmost respect. The abilities of each employee means something bigger at SC, recently one of their long term employees worked remotely from Canada…..what a refreshing mind set to let people do that rather than loose their skill set within the team.


It is generally encouraged that people in the business have jobs/hobbies/inspiring situations outside of work that empower them and their work ethic. Using a great analogy around caged chickens versus free range chickens made complete sense. Think about it, which chicken lays the better egg?

It really is all about the task, the project and the execution. The pathway to promotion is not hampered by working 4 days and spending time doing what makes you creative.

It would seem that SC have a genuine want to make sure that people are involved in everything. There are no lines drawn on people being in the studio part time the role is all encompassing.

The studio is a genuine example of Collaboration, a very good example of gender diversity. A breath of fresh air indeed. Dare we say it, gender equity works well for the projects but also a variation in knowledge too. Young and fresh coupled with wise thinking gives just the right balance to the execution of thought.

One of the things I found most refreshing throughout the conversation was the fact that this dialogue around culture and collaboration was real. I was blown away by the fact that they really do want to stretch their boundaries. Allow those with years of knowledge to still give back to the practice even when they are retired. I saw that as a real push their thirst for an even keeled knowledge base they were showing genuine signs of a nimble and interesting studio.

So their Game really is on and I believe Scott Carver have a strong line up when is comes to inclusion, collaboration, respect and execution.

Bravo Scott Carver, Bravo.

By Sue Davies

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