The Future is Now.

As a brand based on how the workplace works seamlessly into people’s lives, the Futurespace culture is a key component to the brand as a whole.

Straight talking across the team, their leadership style is to really take on board each of the touch points in the design process. From initial concept through project management and project architecture to execution. Honesty in all stages of the delivery internally and externally.

This certainly keeps them accountable from beginning to end. Constantly adapting the old school methodologies to address the modern-day working environment.

With a finger on the pulse Futurespace has visibility across news school digital as well as analogue technologies. They are a passionate studio driven by what is happening in the business world and how that influences the design world around them and their clients.

Collaboration is everything for the team which consists of every generation including Boomers/Millennials X, Y and Z. Everyone has an opinion worthy of listening to. However, the boundaries of design in the business are not blurred. When it comes to clients, the research and intellect behind the power of Workplace are applicable across all verticals. Law, Health, Education, they adopt the same principals.

They have a ‘together’ culture, one which resects learning and development of their staff. What is going on for each person in the workplace externally informs their design process internally. One never stops learning and this is key to the culture they a creating.

As a tribe they are open and authentic and as well as growth they foster a passion for the built environment, a passion for sustainability as well as peoples Wellbeing and longevity in an office.

Flexibility internally is key with over 50% of the studio having some sort of flexible arrangement, that is negotiated to individuals own personal commitments, they believe that this is the future. The people are our future.

They are Futurespace

Photographer : Nicole England


By Sue Davies

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