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Who are you?

You love the detail. Everything you do is about ensuring you have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s – you know how important it is to make sure that everything is double checked. You aren’t afraid to ask questions to clarify what you need, you know who to ask, when. Your strength is in making sure you learn from those around you, from the questions you ask.

The team relies on you and you are always there to deliver. You have a knack for ensuring people come to you when they have a need; they know you’ll be there with the goods! People gravitate towards you because of your easy-going personality and the trust you build.

Your communication style is open and honest – as well as timely. Timeliness in communication is critical to you and to your teammates as is the way in which you breakdown the information. You dissect and provide a synopsis of information in a concise way. You know the difference between owning your role in the communication chain and simply passing on information – you prefer to own it!

You understand the pressure the team can feel and you know how to help them out. You know the times to jump in and when it’s best to step back and let the team ‘do their thing’. You are the lynchpin of the team and you know how to ensure the team doesn’t fall apart.

You have a strong sense of responsibility and accountability in everything you do. Not delivering is simply not an option and you will work with those around you to ensure that promises are delivered upon and Café Culture retains its reputation of satisfaction.

You believe that work is a dirty word for something that you love to do! You know that you are capable of getting in and getting it all done – even on those pressured days. You also know that you will ensure you are having fun while you’re doing it! We expect you to be able to join in the laughter and frivolity with us!

what do you need to do?

There are three key things we need you to deliver upon. Then there’s the detail of the job. Critically you must;

1. Provide administration support to the Vic Sales Team
2. Maintain Showroom presentation and products on display
3. Provide marketing support with showroom events

Key responsibilities

  • Answering phones and directing to appropriate BDM
  • Data entry
  • Website maintenance
  • Sample management & control
  • Administrative support for VIC State Manager
  • Showroom maintenance & cleanliness
  • General office maintenance & cleanliness
  • Other duties as requested

what you need to have

  • A ‘can do & hands on’ attitude
  • A ‘go to’ / ‘help out’ nature
  • Highly attuned organization skills
  • An ability to think on your feet and act quickly & confidently
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Computer literate
  • A love of people & design
  • A team mentality

Remuneration is commiserate with experience

Apply below or email your resume directly to

Application deadline: 02.04.2016